Services Provided

TRICORP LLC is a full-service management company. Our market ranges from residential services, to commercial and government entities. As a management company, TRICORP provides a broad range of professional services including all aspects of Logistics, Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance, Janitorial services, Irrigation, and Security Services. Our company is certified and focused on delivering quality workmanship.

When it comes to running a company in today’s market, we are all looking for ways to become more cost-effective, as the workforce is shrinking, companies are forced to do more work in less time. TRICORP can eliminate much of the burden of employing many different companies, leaving you to focus on what’s important. We offer a comprehensive facilities management program to help your business thrive inside and out, as well as prepare for future success.

LOGISTICS-Logistics Lifecycle Management

Within the Logistics Lifecycle Management Support Services, Tricorp provides the full range of logistics “cradle-to-grave” support throughout the Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Lifecycle Management Framework. Tricorp's lifecycle management focuses on helping the customer maintain the capability of the system and its readiness throughout its life by facilitating training, technical and warranty support, provision and resupply planning and coordination, refurbishment or reconstitution, and finally disposal of outdated systems.


TRICORP can enhance your businesses, with our design, implementation, and maintenance in all areas of landscaping and hardscape. Ensuring constant visual satisfaction knowing that first impressions are lasting impressions, making sure your environment projects professionalism and that your customers will keep coming back.TRICORP has qualified technicians who will plant and install large trees, hedgerows or perennials. Call us today so we can provide customized landscape services that will make your vision a reality.


We will make sure your irrigation needs are covered. We offer irrigation design and installation. Our experienced designers will perform an on-site analysis to determine your irrigation needs, including the lawn areas and flower beds. We will create an energy efficient irrigation system designed for your landscape using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Your personalized irrigation package will be budget-friendly and will effectively manage your water system ensuring that it is evenly distributed providing adequate watering for your lawn and plants.


TRICORP offers a broad range of Engineering Support Services to the Federal Government, Military and Fortune 1000. Our technical services include expertise in full cycle software engineering (through Production Implementation) in support of mission critical programs. Engineering Support Services Include:


In today’s volatile environment corporations and government agencies must have the knowledge to prevent catastrophic events as well as the resources to properly respond if required. TRICORP works closely with its customers to assess risk and develop strategic plans to mitigate the risk to all assets and human resources. Our approach is straight forward keeping in mind both the project mission as well as the overall cost of implementation.
TRICORP industry knowledge and leadership allows accessing to a wide range of knowledgeable and skilled security professionals that can deliver the right technical services and products worldwide.Our services include:


In the event of disaster, TRICORP’s team of professionals provide “priority response” to your immediate and long-term needs. Whether it’s damage from wind, water or fire, our team’s experience guarantees your business will be up and running safely and swiftly.

TRICORP has developed a comprehensive and proactive solution that provides our customers with peace of mind knowing they have priority access to one of the nation’s largest resources of equipment and manpower. We provides you with the security your company needs to wade through any storm. Put your mind to rest. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us today to help you develop a customized Disaster Preparedness Plan.


TRICORP employs a professional staff that has the expertise and experience to handle your company’s janitorial needs. We offer a broad range of janitorial services using state-of-the-art equipment. We provide a wide range of specialized cleaning techniques while providing friendly, helpful customer service and a welcoming environment for your employees and guests. We will work with you to customize a budget friendly janitorial package to your company’s needs.Services include:


TRICORP specializes in all aspects of marketing and promotions. Our approach to marketing and promotions includes providing customized promotional items for your company to use in house or at trade shows. Our goal is to provide our clients with outstanding customer service. We know that the key to fostering repeat business starts with the core concept that is essential to our business. Quality and efficiency define our service and we will guarantee reliability and integrity in our dealings with clients. Some of the marketing services we gladly provide include: